Frogging Friday

Hello everyone! Well it is a frogging Friday here at my house. I started to knit the Watercolor top from the spring IK and as I was working the top (after knitting about 17″) I discovered I had made a mistake in a couple of the rows, skipped my row of knit on the “odd” rows. I now know I cannot knit and watch TV and read a pattern AND talk to my husband (who by the way did not notice the new yarn, hmmmmmm). AARRGGHHHH. I like knitting with the ribbon yarn, but it is difficult to tear out a couple of rows and then pick up again in the round. I am taking it to my LYS this morning to rewind the yarn.

Hope you all have a great weekend – we have some rain coming here in Michigan.

We are heading north to our cottage to finish up the painting, see you all on Monday.


2 thoughts on “Frogging Friday

  1. I have that same multi-tasking when I go to knitting groups. I want to be social but I also want to tell them all to shut up while I concentrate on a tough section 😉 Oh and dont get my started on my bar/pub knitting.

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