Stitch and Bitch

Hello! It is knitting day at Lizzie Ann’s!! Two whole hours of knitting time with some great women! Knitting AND conversation – wow! Hmmm, one would hope that I find a job and SOON, huh? I wanted to show you all the completed camellia from Noni – I think it turned out amazingly! I am excited to finish the second one I am working on for my derby hat. I also am going to do some spider chrysanthemums for a friends hat.
Cute, huh? The “stamens” are achieved by using Crystal Palace Fizz, held together with the two strands of Lamb’s Pride Worsted – the pattern calls for Cascade 220, but I had this in my stash.

Today is Maundy Thursday and we are singing tonight in church – tomorrow morning – second interview, keep your fingers crossed for me.

Have a great day!


Update from Open Knitting – A woman who has a gallery in Douglas wants to sell my bags in her shop. Get paid for knitting? Can life get better than that??? Also, I am going to be teaching some classes at Lizzie Ann’s! It is Knitting Zen!! Have a great evening!


One thought on “Stitch and Bitch

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