Is it Friday yet?

Holy Cats, is it Friday yet? This has been the week from HELL. I had an interview today at a local dress shop – boy was that depressing! She told me that I did not have the qualifications to work in a retail shop! Hmmm, I have written loans at a bank for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but I am apparently clueless on how to sell a damn dress! And to think I am a MORE than regular at this shop. This woman was rude beyond belief in our interview.

Okay – enough venting from me. I am working on sitting down to knit for the evening. Time to relax with a glass of wine and my sticks. 🙂

Have a great evening all.


Finally – it’s Friday

Hello Everyone – was this a long week, or what! Maybe it is the post-Easter let down, maybe it is still no job and 30 days unemployed is looming, maybe it is “last child confirmed syndrome”. Take your pick, it has been a LONG week. I have finished several (4) bags on sale at the Gallery in Douglas. I also have worked up a KAL for my LKS! We are doing this from Dalegarn
It is knit is Svale – we are beginning the week of June 6th. You can contact me for mor information. Watch for photo’s of my progress here.

Have a great evening

A New Job?

Hello everyone! I had a meeting yesterday with the owner of the “Thistle Gallery” in Douglas – she wants to put my knitting in her shop! I am so excited! I will have 4 felted bags done for her opening on Thursday – and more for her “Grand Opening” in June. I am working on some “Wobbly Circle” totes for that and some Noni bags. I need to get my bio to her for publication in her press releases. I am just stunned as I have only been knitting for about a year and a half. My husband, Kyle, is very impressed – he said to me this morning when he left – “work hard today”! That is too funny! The gallery is very unique – she has filled it with the work of local artists. She does some beautiful glass work, herself.
Copper and Penny will be happy to sit with me and knit today! Copper is on the left and Penny is on the right – they are our “babies”. They are half brother and sister Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. They are certainly enjoying me being home everyday! I also have to finish up the stoles for confirmation – my son is confirmed on Sunday. Have a great day everyone!


Knitting Contest

Hello Everyone,

I love a good contest and so here it is the 5 places I have knit that is not at home or a knitting shop. You can read more at

1. American Airline flight to San Juan.
2. Hotel Dougherty bar in Clare Michigan
3. Dr. Openhuizen’s orthodontist office while waiting for kids
4. Church while waiting for son in confirmation class
5. Pontoon boat on “martini cruises” around Lake 13

There you go everyone. Have an awesome Monday.


Good Friday Thoughts

Hello everyone, A nice day here in my household. I had the second interview this morning – I am not sure it is going to work. The person was ten minutes late to the interview. The office was not even open when I arrived! It did not set a very good tone. Kyle made it safely to Boston – that is good, I did not sleep well last night thinking about him driving through the night.

Have a great afternoon,


Stitch and Bitch

Hello! It is knitting day at Lizzie Ann’s!! Two whole hours of knitting time with some great women! Knitting AND conversation – wow! Hmmm, one would hope that I find a job and SOON, huh? I wanted to show you all the completed camellia from Noni – I think it turned out amazingly! I am excited to finish the second one I am working on for my derby hat. I also am going to do some spider chrysanthemums for a friends hat.
Cute, huh? The “stamens” are achieved by using Crystal Palace Fizz, held together with the two strands of Lamb’s Pride Worsted – the pattern calls for Cascade 220, but I had this in my stash.

Today is Maundy Thursday and we are singing tonight in church – tomorrow morning – second interview, keep your fingers crossed for me.

Have a great day!


Update from Open Knitting – A woman who has a gallery in Douglas wants to sell my bags in her shop. Get paid for knitting? Can life get better than that??? Also, I am going to be teaching some classes at Lizzie Ann’s! It is Knitting Zen!! Have a great evening!

Smile and say cheese!

Well, here is my version of the Wobbly Circles Tote from IK. It was my first try at intarsia! I used Lamb’s Pride Bulky – Persian Peacock, Pistachio, Wild Violet, Rust, and Kiwi. I wish I would have known about the KAL – but I know where to look for them now! I am improving both my knitting and internet skills! All knitting and no work makes Kat crazy!

Wet Wednesday

Hello everyone! It is a good day to sit and knit – no garden work for me today it this wet weather. It was 78 out yesterday, but alas – today it is a mere 54. Still, spring is working on springing here – as Easter approaches we are supposed to climb back into the upper 60’s/low 70’s. I have some pictures to post, but I need my teenage son – Sam – to help me. Look for them later on tonight. I have a second interview on Friday morning – I keep your fingers crossed for me! I have one camellia done and felted, working on a second one! Have a great Wednesday all!


Happy Monday All! Kids are back from Spring Break…

Happy Monday All! Kids are back from Spring Break with their dad – life is back to normal! I finished my intarsia bag! It is all felted and looks so cute. I discovered Noni bags this weekend! Check them out at They are so awesome – I am currently working on the felted camelia flowers for my hat to wear to the Kentucky Derby party at Tom and Michelle’s home. I had an interview on Friday and another interview today – this is promising, I hope. While it is wonderful to have some time off to knit, unless I start selling what I knit (perish the thought!!) I need to find a job! Have a great Monday everyone!